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The Summer Sandal Saga

You know that summer sandals, especially flip flops can be hard on your patients’ feet.

You’ll tell them not to wear them but you know that they’re not going to be able to resist the urge.


That’s why Medi-Dyne developed SoftMovesTM.


SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads bring instant relief and comfort to any style of shoe. The specially-formulated fixi-gel provides superior shock absorption and cushioning for long-lasting comfort right where your patients need it.

     • Ample cushioning for the heel and ball of the foot so that weight is distributed evenly

       throughout the foot.

     • Naturally sticky on one side, SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads can be moved from shoe to

       shoe where they’ll stay firmly in place—without a gummy residue.

    • Easily replaced to ensure maintenance of maximum cushioning and comfort all summer long.

Great for Shoes. Great for Feet.

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For more information on making SoftMoves available to your patients contact:


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