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The Essential Summer Accessory

Nothing cools the hot look of summer footwear faster than a blister or heel pain.

SoftMoves™ Adhesive Gel Pads bring instant relief and comfort to any style of shoe—from sandals and flip-flops to backless heels, open-toe pumps, strappy stilettos, and even bare feet—so you and your feet can enjoy the freedom of summer.

• Specially formulated fixi-gel provides superior shock absorption and cushioning for
   long-lasting comfort right where you need it.

• Transparent and inconspicuous, SoftMoves transform any shoe into a comfortable shoe  

   without affecting fit or appearance.

• SoftMoves stick directly to your foot or shoe, providing a soft cushion for blisters or a

  shock-absorbing pillow for hard-working feet.

• Naturally sticky on one side, SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads can be moved from shoe to
  shoe where they’ll stay firmly in place—without a gummy residue.

Great for Shoes. Great for Feet.

Protect your feet every day with a pair of SoftMoves Heel and Ball of Foot pads for every
pair of shoes in your closet.

And be sure to pick up an extra pair or two for your feet because SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads work great without shoes, too. Just place the SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pad directly on your clean, dry bare feet for extra protection and comfort on hardwoods, ceramic tile, slate floors, and concrete.      


SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads
Heel Pads

SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads
Ball of Foot Pads



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